Lighting Energy Analysis

     We will walk through your facility to examine your current fixtures and controls and pinpoint areas that are under-performing or wasting energy.

Comprehensive Lighting Retrofit

      Our detailed proposal will include a complete analysis of your current system along with recommendations for the most efficient lighting upgrade for the application. This will include the amount of electricity currently used, amount of electricity saved, and the annualized dollar saved.


     After given approval, we'll provide and install the necessary material, properly dispose/recycle removed fixtures, and process the appropriate rebate paperwork. McDonald Lighting, on most projects,  will directly handle warranty, and will continue follow-up in each project.

All too often, an LED lighting retrofit is seen as an expenditure or a maintenance issue. In fact, such a project is a capital improvement that increases market value of the property. Like with any capital project, building owners should use quality products to ensure that they realize the highest return on investment. Cheap products equal poor ROI.

Commercial LED retrofit justifies project with market value increase 

   Consider both long-term energy and maintenance savings and impact of LED lighting projects on building market value to get a true look at the cost of major retrofits. 

McDonald Lighting

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How We Work With You-The Process

   At McDonald Lighting, we offer turn-key lighting retrofit solutions, which means we take care of everything, start to finish

Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

  • Increase light levels and enhances light quality
  • Decreases lighting energy use by 50% or more
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Provides energy savings rebates if applicable
  • Eligible for tax savings (as part of 2005 Energy Policy Act)
  • Boosts worker productivity
  • Enables better quality control
  • Easier operation (instant on/off)
  • Safety
  • Better for the environment


Through McDonald Lighting Retrofit Services, existing facilities can enjoy the full benefits of energy efficient, modern lighting. Such upgrades not only provide better quality illumination but also deliver short and long term savings through rebates, tax incentives, and lower energy costs. Don't assume high electric bills are simply part of doing business. Instead, have us evaluate your current system to determine the potential sources of savings.